The Journey of STEWS

It was 2012, when a discussion over Tea,of giving back to the society resulted in the thought of starting an Educational Society in the foothills of Tarai region to solve the unavailability of a Teachers’ Training College with great vision,creativity and dedication. We were clear about one thing that we wanted to give the future Teachers’ of our society a learning experience rather than just a Degree.

With a clear viewpoint we started our journey in 2013 and incorporated our Dream Project-the Siliguri Tarai Educational Welfare Society and after a struggle of 4 years STEWS was finally ready to create the future generation of Teachers in the form of providing quality B.Ed(NCTE Recognized)and D.El.Ed course to the students.

Our first venture,the composite Unit of Siliguri Teari B.Ed College and Siliguri Primary Teachers’ Training College has stabilized it’s base in a remote area of Dudhajote near Kharibari,Darjeeling.So, this society has also been doing it’s duty to empower the Dudhajote village and so far we have achieved great response and success in doing that.

After a successful run of 3 sessions in Teachers’ Training our executive committee decided to extend our creative service to the the school students and hence Terai Internation School was started in the year 2019 with 40% of it’s students getting a fully free education service.Along with this venture our society is also planning on to empower the Village Agriculture in an innovative way by training the young individuals in modern agro-tech.

We hope the dreams of STEWS gets achieved by our dedicated members of STEWS who are committed to the service and will continue to do so.

When it all Started in 2012
Incorporation of STEWS in 2013
First Run of the Dream in 2017
Extended service to School Students in 2019
We Dream and will continue Dreaming

Terai International School

The Terai International School campus is called as the ‘Shantinikentan’ of North Bengal. We promote the Bengali medium schools in a new way, with a new face of more creativity, more adventure and more opportunities to learn and grow.

Siliguri Terai B.Ed College

We are the most trusted  and reliable teachers’ training college in North Bengal. We provide quality education to the would be teachers by the most experienced teachers creatively.

Siliguri Primary Teachers' Training College

Siliguri Primary Teachers’ Training College is a one of a kind college for the would be teachers’ to get trained. It is the most trusted college of North Bengal.